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An Omnichannel World Requires Smarter Research Methods… and C+R has them!


Get higher resolution insights about your Brands, Consumers and Shoppers by using actual behavioral data collected from millions of shopping receipts.



Using purchase data from InfoScout, C+R now offers a powerful combination of data analytics and sophisticated survey capabilities to ensure you have the right insights at every step of the path-to-purchase.



Field surveys that are different & more accurate.

  • Ability to identify buyers precisely, using receipt-generated data, based on either recent or past purchasing.
    • No need to rely on respondents to accurately remember what they bought and when.
  • Agility to survey buyers of newly launched products more quickly than every before.

Uncover insights from stored, historical data that alleviate the need for long surveys.

  • Ability to sift through past purchase data for immediate answers to many questions.
  • Obtain accurate, timely answers to many routine questions about who is buying what from where.
    • And follow-up with surveys to understand “Why?”

Gain an omnichannel view of your product and category buyers.

  • Uncover channel shifting and the reasons behind it.
    • Who is buying your category online, when and why?
  • What needs drive purchasing in different classes of trade?

Develop holistic understanding and stories about your category to take to retail partners.

  • Understand growth and declines in your brand.
    • Deeply understand shopper behavior and profile your brand’s loyal buyers.
    • Identify at-risk consumers and discover how to keep them; profile even tough-to-find “lapsed” buyers.
  • Dig deep into competitive dynamics in your category through shopper insights analysis.
    • Integrate to develop category decision trees.
  • Evaluate marketing tactics and uncover opportunities through promotion analytics.