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Build Your Innovation Pipeline.

Transforming consumer insights into ideas is the key to fueling brand growth. Our approach to ideation is collaborative with our clients; we guide them to push their thinking to develop original, groundbreaking ideas for new products, services, retail concepts, or marketing communications.

Develop Groundbreaking Ideas.

We conduct workshops involving both clients and creative-minded consumers (in-person or online) to draw from the unique synergy between the clients' category expertise and consumers' vision and point-of-view. Our team facilitates rounds of imaginative exercises designed to inspire creativity, stimulate different modes of thinking, and look at the consumer insight in new ways to produce fresh ideas.

Why C+R?

We collaborate with our clients. Our ideation experts facilitate innovative exercises to expand our clients' thinking around the initial problems or issues and help them see the consumer insight from different angles, empowering them to come up with fresh ideas. Two principles for ideation are divergence (where we help you generate a breadth of ideas by brainstorming with different stimuli to inspire fresh perspective and creative thinking) and convergence (which applies filters to help prioritize ideas based on strategy, feasibility, brand fit, etc.).

We push the boundaries. Our ideation experts are always experimenting and implementing new techniques to keep our methods inspiring, "out of the box," and fun. That's because when you are having fun, your mind is open to producing new and different ideas - whether you are brainstorming around a product, a service, marketing programs or brand positioning. Our goal is to inspire thinking and open our clients' minds to enhance what's there or develop something new.

Customization for every client. There are no cookie cutter packages here at C+R Research. We work hands on to provide custom ideation session plans, uniquely and strategically designed to help our clients generate new ideas that act as a springboard to driving their business forward.