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agile research

The Right Way to Conduct Agile Research

In today’s marketplace, growing your business and staying competitive means having the ability to be agile and quickly respond to shifting demands and market trends. View our webinar to learn our approaches to conducting agile research.

Erika Hammer, Vice President

I’ve never considered myself much of an artist. In school, there was only one “art fair” where I received a ribbon other than “participant.” However, over the last year, I’ve taken up the hobby of photography, and it’s helped me realize just how much a “non-artistic” career like market research is related to the artistic process.

Activation Workshops

Turn Your Actionability up to 11: Use Your Partners to Amplify Research Objectives for Results That Matter

You’ve secured a research partner and scoped out your research objectives. But what if there’s more you can learn? Join Kat Figatner and Dave Mastrofski as they walk through three case studies that demonstrate how they’ve expanded and augmented research to help clients gain deeper insights to drive their business decisions long term.