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Angela Roberts, Vice President

“What do we do about these large plants; they’re still alive. We can’t just toss them. These TVs? These standing desks? What about all of this furniture? It seems wasteful to just throw it all away. Someone has to want it, but who?”

Angela Roberts, Vice President

In 2012, we established an internal ChicagoCAC committee at C+R to head up our fundraising efforts and to manage volunteer assignments for different events at the Center’s facility. 

Ashleigh Williams, Senior Research Analyst

We are proud to announce that our very own Ashleigh Williams has been awarded the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) Young Professional Award!

Mario Cruz, Director, Brand + Creative

I'm an owned man. My mind does not always belong to me thanks to certain brands that make my world go round. When I think of certain products, I have my favorites. Brands like Intelligentsia coffee--Chicago-based and absolutely the best as far as I'm concerned--and Apple products. And, I have a near obsessive-compulsive relationship with Evah Pirazzi violin strings--in my mind no other brand comes even close to the golden tone and the projection I get from these. Most times I buy certain brands without even thinking about it.

Kelly Gebhardt, Vice President

One key note speaker that stood out was Dan Pink who talked about his book To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth about Moving Others. He noted how back in 2000, 1 in 9 people worked in sales. Fast forward to 2013. One in 9 people are still working in sales. So, what are the other 8 in 9 doing. According to Dan, they are in sales too.

C+R welcomes Alex Palermo, Research Director! Alex hails from Philly where, in her career, she has focused mainly on strategic custom market research. Prior to joining C+R, she was an Associate Group Director for Beall Research in Chicago and before that a Senior Project Manager for National Analysts in Philadelphia.

On May 3rd, the QRCA Southeast Chapter meeting held in Atlanta will feature Shaili Bhatt, a Research Director here at C+R Research and a member of QRCA's Board of Directors. Shaili will be presenting, "Unleashing the Power of Advanced Online Qualitative Approaches."

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