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Steve Stallard, Senior Vice President

Brands have been facing uncertainties since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic; and for many of them, this has led to tightening budgets, primarily spending less on advertising. So, what was the marketplace impact of these cuts in ad spending that most brands instituted during March and August of this year? More than likely, those brands lost some ground in brand equity and are probably facing a decline in brand awareness. And, as we all know, a decline in awareness is never good for sales.

Robbin Jaklin, President

I’ve been at C+R Research for most of my professional career, and it’s hard to believe how many changes I’ve seen over the years -- for us as a company, as well as the entire research industry. To be honest, I marvel at the way that C+R always remains nimble and how we keep pace with meeting our clients’ needs through innovation.

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