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Erika Patino, Director

In the second blog in this 3-part Hispanic retro-acculturation series, Ana Villodres wrote about how her teenage son went from being uninterested in his Hispanic heritage to wanting to learn more about it. In the last blog in this series on Hispanic retro-acculturation, Erika Patino writes about how her husband went from acculturated Hispanic to bicultural.

Ana Villodres, Senior Director

In our first blog in our Hispanic retro-acculturation series, we learned how becoming a new mom inspired Cynthia Schaffer to think about how she would pass along bi-cultural identity integration to her daughter. Here, you’ll read how Ana Villodres inspires her teenage son to reconnect with his heritage.

Jorge Martínez-Bonilla, Senior Vice President  |  Ana Villodres, Senior Director

Like the marathon runner who failed to properly prepare for the long-distance haul, brands often train more for the shorter sprint. Multicultural marketing is a feat that takes a marathon commitment.

Cynthia Nuñez Schaffer, Senior Analyst

What is Acculturation?

According to Merriam-Webster, acculturation is a cultural modification of an individual, group, or people by adapting to or borrowing traits from another culture; also the process by which a human being acquires the culture of a particular society from infancy.

multicultural research pulse

CultureBeat PULSE: Sept 2021 | Issue 6

The CultureBeat PULSE is an e-zine to keep you on the “pulse” of what’s relevant to today’s multicultural consumers. Each issue is a curated group of topics that focus on the happenings in our society and marketplace and, most importantly, why it matters to your brand and your company. 
In this issue of the CultureBeat PULSE, we put a spotlight on Mental Health, Black Joy, Hispanic Migration, and Diversity and Inclusivity. 

C+R’s fourth Consumer RoundTable conversation focused on multicultural consumers, including a mix of African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanics. In this dynamic conversation, we discussed how consumers from across the nation are coping with and adapting to the changes brought forth by the current pandemic. While viruses do not discriminate, some realities are uniquely distinct for minorities and people of different ethnicities.

Consumer Connections Live Multicultural Panel Infographic

Consumer Connections Live Panel #4 - Five Key Takeaways Infographic

View the five key takeaways from our fourth live consumer roundtable!

On April 16, 2020, C+R hosted another complimentary live roundtable discussion with consumers but this time we focused on the Multicultural Consumer.

We asked our clients to submit questions they were interested in learning about from the consumers, and these questions fueled the discussion.

Learn about the unique challenges multicultural consumers are facing during this time.

Multicultural Consumer Perspective

Consumer Connections Live Panel #4: The Multicultural Consumer

Consumer Connections Series – The COVID-19 Chronicles

Moderated By Jorge Martinez, Vice President, CultureBeat and LatinoEyes® Divisions

Access our fourth live consumer panel in our Consumer Connections series where we’ll connect you with Multicultural Consumers. 

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