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Kayla Myhre, Online Qualitative Analyst

When market research started back in the 1920s, quantitative research was the name of the game. It seemed to be the only way to gather accurate insights—that is, until qualitative research started to gain popularity in the 1950s and 60s. 

Jim Farina

One of the most dreaded tasks for a market researcher is the prospect of having to break bad news to a client and their invested stakeholders. For a good researcher, this goes along with the territory.

Brenda Hurley, Executive Vice President

There has been plenty of talk over the years about how the millennial generation is different from the rest and why it's important for companies, politicians - everyone to care about them. We partnered with The Agency to create a unique research community

Bob Relihan, Senior Vice President

By Bob Relihan, Senior Vice President

Leonard Murphy has just posted a preview of the latest GRIT Study. In it he identifies the top emerging trends in Marketing Research. The top five are:

1. Online Communities

2. Mobile Surveys

3. Social Media Analytics

4. Text Analytics

5. Big Data Analytics

Walt Dickie, Senior Vice President

What, exactly, is a "sample panel," and what will one look like tomorrow?

Bob Relihan, Senior Vice President

The holiday season has become a benchmark for the forward progress of online and mobile shopping activity. Pew has reported that 58% of cellphone owners used their phones in a store to get information to guide their shopping.

  • 46% of cellphone owners used their phones to call a friend or family member for advice.
  • 28% of cellphone owners used their phones to look up product reviews.

Bob Relihan, Senior Vice President

Walt Dickie had done a very nice job of knitting together the trends in the adoption of various electronic devices. Certainly PCs are flattening out and will eventually decline. And, I agree there will be a time when virtually every cell phone is a SmartPhone. Walt also plots a curve that predicts exponential growth in the tablet/e-reader market, but backs off from the implications. "I've gone with a growth curve that can't be right in the long term - it has to flatten out - but might be okay in the short term."

I am not so sure.

Walt Dickie, Executive Vice President

I love the Pew Research Center, especially their Internet & American Life Project. I can always find something interesting to think about on their website, and I admire their invariably solid methods. We use Pew data to make strategic decisions, but we also go to Pew for inspiration when imagining future scenarios.

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