Shaili Bhatt Presents at the QRCA Southeast Chapter Meeting


On May 3rd, the QRCA Southeast Chapter meeting held in Atlanta will feature Shaili Bhatt, a Research Director here at C+R Research and a member of QRCA’s Board of Directors. Shaili will be presenting, “Unleashing the Power of Advanced Online Qualitative Approaches.”

For much of the recent past, the paradigm for improving online qualitative research has focused on the fundamentals of project set-up, platform technologies, and the addition of online moderating skill-sets. We are missing the real story: how are researchers using these tools and what are the results? How can we empower researchers with more advanced approaches?

This presentation will feature a high-level overview across a gallery of case studies for cutting-edge and creative online qualitative designs. Attendees will learn how today’s qualitative practitioners are hearing the “consumer story” in an online environment and translating their findings into awe-inspiring reporting results.

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