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Brands strive to give their sales team as much support as possible to help them successfully sell products; however, it can be difficult to know what help is needed and when. To identify these opportunities, it is often necessary to first uncover a salesperson’s journey through the organization and then develop a visual map of the process. But what is the most effective way to do this?

Our client, a social commerce organization, wanted to provide enhanced support to their consumer-consultant sales team in selling their products. But first, they needed to fill the gaps in their understanding of how consultants move through the organization, including barriers and delighters at each stage, and what support consultants most needed in terms of training, tools, and communication. The brand approached C+R to help them develop a journey map of their consumer-consultants and identify these target support opportunities.

We developed a three-phase strategic journey-mapping program to determine the consultants’ journey and create a visual map of the process. As a result of the research, our client was better able to support their consultants along every touchpoint of the journey to help them successfully sell products.


A social commerce brand wanted to understand the journey their consumer-consultant sales team goes through to identify how to support them better and ensure their success in the organization. Specifically, they hoped to generate actionable insights and tactics to provide personalized training programs and optimize each touchpoint to help grow their consultants’ base of customers and their loyalty to the brand.

They approached C+R for help in mapping the consultant journey: from initially joining and onboarding through advancement within their organizational structure, to understanding behavior and needs across the entire experience with the organization.


As a result of the consultant journey-mapping process, the client developed a clear understanding of the different mindsets and challenges for consultants entering the business, as well as how this evolves as they become more seasoned and successful. We also identified the roadblocks to success to help the client understand how to overcome them. 

The client used the insights to provide more targeted support for consultants, based on their level, to help them grow their business and successfully sell the client’s products. 


To help our client map their consultants’ journey through the organization, C+R created a three-phase strategic journey-mapping program. 

First, we conducted an audit of previous qualitative research we’ve conducted with consultants at various levels and tenure within the organization. While the previous research studies had various objectives, we were able to mine those insights and other learnings from the one-on-one interviews to identify consultants’ motivations, needs, behaviors, and pain points at different points of their journey. 

Next, the C+R and client teams participated in an interactive workshop to review takeaways from the first phase of the project, discussed the prior research insights, and incorporated internal company knowledge to align on the most useful content of the journey map and its implications for the organization. 

Finally, after the workshop, C+R Storyologists turned the content that was generated through the first two phases into a succinct and visual-rich journey map. The organization embraced this at-a-glance resource as they took the next step to develop strategies and tactics to support their consultants.

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