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What is A+U NOW?

A+U NOW® is built to be used by multiple people across your brand, marketing, sales, consumer/shopper insights or even executive teams. Its intuitively designed reporting tools are ideal for all audiences. Choosing from an easy-to-navigate set of specifications, A+U NOW® users can:

  • A&U NowDefine categories from more than 600 available CPG product modules, 
  • Refine specifications of targeted consumer and shopper audiences, 
  • Designate brands to be included in the research, and 
  • Even add custom attributes to an already robust set. 

What’s more, output applies analysis using C+R’s proprietary SmartMarket™ Segmentation framework - built from a comprehensive cross-category view that identifies a distinct set of consumer personas grounded in attitudes about the CPG category. The segmentation allows you to focus on the segments most important to your category and brand to help you focus on targeting and messaging strategies. 

Just pick your category and study parameters, and provide your targeted brands and key attributes, approve the price, and click “go.” From start to finish, the whole process takes about a week. Users can monitor results as they roll in via the A+U NOW® portal. The interface allows you to view data at a total market level or refine the output using dozens of available filters. And with a push of a button, your web reports can be exported to finished, fully formatted PowerPoint presentations for custom editing and sharing.

A+U NOW® is an ideal solution for…

  • Informing better, data-driven decisions even with a limited budget
  • Gathering reliable category information without spending weeks in field
  • Understanding shopper and consumer dynamics in potential expansion categories
  • Exploring shopper opportunity in adjacent categories
  • Presenting presentation-ready findings with turnkey ease

To learn more about A+U NOW®, please contact us today.