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Introducing A+U NOW

The Industry’s First & Only Automated DIY A&U Study! 

Launching in Late October 2020!


What is A+U NOW®?

A+U NOW® is built to be used by multiple people across your brand, marketing, sales, consumer/shopper insights or even executive teams. Its intuitively designed reporting tools are ideal for all audiences. Choosing from an easy-to-navigate set of specifications, A+U NOW® users can:

  • Define categories from more than 600 available CPG product modules, 
  • Refine specifications of targeted consumer and shopper audiences, 
  • Designate brands to be included in the research, and 
  • Even add custom attributes to an already robust set. 

The Benefits of A+U® NOW

  • Rapid turnaround
    • A+U NOW® gives you actionable perspective in days, to make timely market decisions and move forward
  • Category Customization
    • Define custom product categories that are right for your business – built from 600+ CPG product subcategories
  • Data Mining
    • An intuitive portal includes data filtering tools with power to explore your data for deeper brand and audience insights
  • Start-to Finish Reporting
    • A+U NOW® automatically generates high quality, fully formatted PowerPoint reports that are ready for analyzing, editing, and presenting
  • Cost Efficiency
    • A+U NOW® delivers professional-grade reporting often for about half of a traditional custom A&U study

A+U NOW® is an ideal solution for…

  • Established brands with limited fundingA&U Now
  • Low incidence categories with smaller budgets
  • Opportunities in newly considered categories
  • Brand acquisition assessment
  • Adjacent category consideration
  • Brand positioning white space
  • Slow growth brands or categories
  • Start-ups looking for information
  • Global brands considering US entry
  • Grounding agencies, consultants in categories

Learn what C+R President, Robbin Jaklin, has to say in her blogDIY Market Research | C+R Builds Industry First Automated DIY A&U Tool

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