Consumer Connection Series: Back to School

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About This Webinar

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Listen to an engaging Back to School discussion with parents from around the country. We explored this year’s mid-pandemic “Back to School” experiences—including pivots and course changes families have been making since the first day of school. We talked about impacts on activities, purchases, and feeding the family. We also investigated which brands have been helping parents navigate Fall 2020 learning.

In this moderated conversation, you’ll learn:

  • What did the “first day of school” look like this year? How was it similar to/different from last year? What were high and low points of the day?
  • How have schools and parents already adjusted or changed course since the start of the school year? What’s changed? How are parents and students coping?
  • How are parents and students feeling at this point? What’s stressing them out the most? What are the bright spots they’re seeing?
  • How has the school scenario impacted their shopping? What items did they still buy vs. hold off on?  What new products have they tried? What will they keep buying?
  • How has the school scenario impacted their extracurricular routines and the snacking and eating that go along with it? How are they filling the voids of the activities they used to/usually do?  Are they still packing snacks? Going to the drive-thru?  
  • What have brands/companies been doing to help? What has been a turn-off for them?
  • And, you’ll be able to get answers to YOUR burning questions.

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Mimie Lund

Vice President, In-Person Qualitative Research