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We Leverage Technology to Reach Your Target Audience.

Do you have any apps on your mobile device - games, fitness, brain teasers, etc.? If you're like millions of other smartphone and tablet users, we bet you do! Working with C+R, you can now reach these millions of consumers using Lasso, C+R's mobile sampling solution for reaching mobile consumers while they're playing games and using other interactive apps.

Using Lasso, you can reach your target audience in the moment, on their mobile devices without having to rely on a pre-recruited panel. Lasso is especially great for harder-to-reach audiences, such as Millennials, young men, multicultural consumers and lower income consumers.

Lasso can be used in a variety of ways to support your research needs:

  • Conduct mobile communication checks
  • Collect app reviews (users download/give feedback)
  • Connect with hard-to-reach audiences--specific demos, test markets, brand users
  • Find early adopters of your products/services or competitive products/services
  • Identify emerging trends and brands
  • Capture in-the-moment behavior, barriers, drivers of choice

Drive Your Business Forward Using Lasso.

C+R's proprietary mobile solution for interviewing hard-to-find respondents gives you the edge you need to access 'on-the-go' consumers who aren't online panel participants.


We engage consumers via mobile advertising while they are playing games, monitoring their fitness regime, and doing a variety of other activities on their mobile devices (phones and tablets). Our survey invitations offer consumers immediate, context-relevant incentives. Gaming is a broadly popular, growing mobile activity. Nearly half of U.S. consumers play games daily--both men and women-- across all ages.

The best part is that Lasso is super-fast! There is minimal delay between an invitation being sent and a completed survey.


Millions of contacts give us access to the smartphone-connected population, including high-value, low-incidence consumer segments. This includes Millennials, young men, lower-income individuals, and ethnic minorities, including Spanish-speaking Hispanics.


Lasso helps you in a more timely, cost-effective way to reach consumers who are difficult and more costly to find via traditional methods. Lasso connects you to your target audience, giving you a fresh sample with quick, live access to millions of consumers on the go, wherever they are. The survey is hosted on our servers, and the data collection process is identical to using traditional online surveys. All standard data-quality procedures, such as removing duplicate respondents, are in place with Lasso. Superior data quality is in line with traditional panel samples.

If you want to reach and survey your target audience, gain a deeper understanding of the marketplace, learn how your consumers are behaving, and obtain value-added insights, work with C+R to use Lasso to achieve your goals.


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