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Over 30% of all surveys are being completed on mobile devices, and smartphones are now carried by more than two-thirds of the US population.

Reach Your Target Audience with the Right Survey for the Project

When you work with C+R, you're not sending your survey out into the digital void. We carefully consider the target audience, purpose of the research and questions being asked to determine the types of devices that should be used for each survey.

All of our surveys are device agnostic, which means they are designed to run on multiple platforms, so that surveys are automatically resized and reformatted to fit any device that a respondent is using. Our mobile-friendly strategy enhances the respondent's experience and, in turn, ensures data quality and maximizes survey completion.

Although our surveys have the ability to adapt to the device on which they are being viewed, there are times when we may want to restrict survey participation to a computer only (to view on a larger screen). In these cases, we allow respondents using their mobile devices to log back in from their computer. Then, too, there are times when we specifically want to target only those using a mobile device; in which case, we develop mobile-first surveys, designed specifically with this audience in mind.

Our Mobile Surveys Are Optimized & Responsive

Mobile-first surveys allow us to be more creative than with traditional computer-intended surveys, communicating with consumers the way they communicate with one another and your brands. Mobile devices allow us to engage with your audience in a more personal way with easy picture and video uploads, voice or video open-ended responses, participating in-the-moment, and even sharing their Snap Stories, Instagram posts and other social media with us. In addition, our mobile first surveys are ideal for those very short, quick surveys that respondents can quickly take on-the-go or while in-the-moment., .

Insights Driven by Analytics

We make sure your survey data, whether mobile or otherwise, gives you more than just numbers - we deliver insights. Our approach to delivering analytics is discussed at the beginning of the research project, ensuring we understand the business questions you need to answer and that we know your audience so we can tailor our deliverables to meet your needs.


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