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Hillary Stifler, Vice President, joined C+R in 2004. She has experience working with a variety of quantitative methodologies including concept evaluation, home usage tests, awareness and usage exploration, market segmentation, line optimization, and shopper studies. And across many projects, she has included qualitative insights both from traditional focus groups as well as qual-quant hybrid methodologies like Interactive Query and online communities. Hillary works with clients in a variety of industries, some of which include consumer packaged goods, home improvement, retail, and apparel.  

She received a B.S. in Marketing and a BA in Spanish from Miami University (Ohio), and an MBA, with a concentration in Marketing, from Loyola University (Chicago).

How did you get into the market research industry?

I took two market research courses in college and knew this is what I wanted to do. It let me use my math/analytical skills as well as my writing skills. One of the courses was during a study abroad in Luxembourg. We researched the program among students, alumni, professors, and host parents. It was amazing to pull together these various viewpoints in assessing the program holistically.

What's your favorite thing about Market Research? What do you enjoy about Market Research?

I like the ability to chase my curiosity and dig deep to find answers to people's behaviors and attitudes. 

What's the best part about working at C+R?

The culture. It's a work hard play hard atmosphere. Everyone works hard to get the job done, but at the same time, is fun and kind while we get the job done. 

What's the most rewarding thing about your job?

Being able to make my client's day a little easier, whether it's helping to answer questions, giving them useful information they can share with their teams or helping design a study that gives them the most bang for their buck.

What's your favorite book? Movie?

Book: 100 Years of Solitude
Movie: Dumb and Dumber

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