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receipt data webinar

The crossroads of consumer attitudes and behaviors have always been instrumental in understanding the trajectory of brands and categories. In the past, collecting accurate behavioral information in surveys has been somewhat of a challenge – relying on consumers to tell us what they buy, when, how often, and in what amount. But now, through our partnership with Numerator, C+R has access to real-time receipt data, which allows us to marry actual purchasing behavior (the what) with our custom research expertise (the why). In the past year, we’ve been redesigning our research approaches and imagining new ones – all that leverage the power and accuracy of shopper receipt data. 

Download a copy of our webinar where we illustrate how we have evolved our research methods to better address the most challenging brand and shopper research questions through leveraging the power of InfoScout’s receipt data. You’ll learn:

  • What data Numerator provides and the role it can play in answering common brand and shopper questions
  • The advantages of integrating receipt data into many of your routine brand research issues
  • Practical applications of the value of receipt-based research methods demonstrated through real-life case studies
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