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Ding! Hitting The Sweet Spot With Your Marketing Communications

About This Webinar

Join us for a supercharged methodological overview of CopyIQ, an online qualitative and quantitative approach from C+R Research to evaluate early stage creative.

It's definitely an exhilarating moment. It comes after multiple ads, storyboards, videos or prototypes, maybe some bad executions, too many 'creative intuitions,' 'not-quite-right' focus group participants, potentially outdated information-gathering techniques or too much of a reliance on numbers. It's the 'ding' effect where your message's sweet spot has been revealed. Everyone is happy.

Evaluating early stage creative can be full of challenges. CopyIQ exists to minimize them. As an online hybrid approach fueled by our years of experience in the development and assessment of advertising and other forms of marketing communications, it saves time and money efficiently bringing your real time research directly to you--anywhere.

From measuring concepts, consumer recall, ad strengths, likelihood to buy, brand impressions and reinforcement to potential benefits and more, CopyIQ facilitates on-the-fly learning and the assessment and development of consumer-relevant narratives.

View our webinar recording and get to the heart of exceptionally executed communication with CopyIQ.

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