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Interactive Query (IQ)

When you are asked to test your early-stage creative—whether it’s rough cut ads, animatics, boards, scripts, packaging design and communications, or just positioning themes—you’re often faced with the difficult choice between using qualitative focus groups or a quantitative survey.

You might wonder:Interactive IQ

  • Are a handful of focus groups or IDIs really representative of my market?
  • Will a quantitative survey capture the nuances behind consumers’ reactions to my early ideas?
  • Ultimately, how much money, effort, and time on the road am I going to have to spend to get a confident answer?

With CopyIQ, you don’t have to choose between depth and accuracy. Built on C+R’s comprehensive and flexible creative evaluation platform, CopyIQ combines the nuances and details of in-depth interviews with the rigor and metrics of widereaching surveys.

In a typical CopyIQ session, a geographically dispersed sample of consumers logs in to a pre-scheduled online session. They review creative ideas and respond in the moment to both quantitative, scaled questions and qualitative probes. Meanwhile, you and the C+R CopyIQ team observe the results as they roll in— with the ability to react, guide, and enhance the research within the session.

Best of all, your research can be executed in as little as one session, with data available the next day, often at a lower cost than a traditional qual- or quant-only study.
See why so many of C+R’s clients swear by CopyIQ to cut their creative testing budgets and timelines, while increasing the reliability and actionability of the results.

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