Our commitment

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our commitment

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

C+R’s commitment to diversity is served and expanded on three fronts. We have an internal council dedicated to promoting workforce diversity and progress. Our CultureBeat division is focused on multicultural research, helping clients better understand and serve multicultural groups. And we have partnered with ARF WIDE in their efforts to promote and support diversity in the industry.


Our commitment to diversity

C+R is committed to a more diverse, inclusive and equitable research, marketing and professional community; and to a more fair, understanding and equitable society. Our diversity commitment comes to life through SpeC+Rum, our internal Diversity Council, and through CultureBeat, our multicultural research practice.

We believe in a workplace (and world) in which individuals have the opportunity to share their opinions and be heard, where diversity of race, culture and thoughts is respected and valued, where people feel safe to belong as their true selves, and where dignity drives human interactions and our relationships within and outside of C+R. To achieve those beliefs, we strive to continue diversifying our workforce, providing education and training for employees, growing our diverse vendor base, and supporting initiatives that share our aspiration of a more diverse and inclusive society through financial stewardship and the fostering of volunteering.

Our CultureBeat team is devoted to advancing our clients’ understanding of diverse audiences and consumer groups for the successful implementation of transformative initiatives that acknowledge and celebrate the racial, ethnic, and cultural differences as well as the overall diversity reflected in our society.

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Our efforts to promote diversity

C+R’s Internal Diversity Council

C+R’s internal DE&I Council provides guidance that is shaped by the diverse realities and voices within C+R on matters of accountability, culture, policy and practice to promote a sense of inclusivity and belonging among employees.

C+R’s multicultural research division, comprised of in-culture researchers from diverse backgrounds, helps brands understand how different cultures, ethnicities + lifestyles – and the dynamics that intertwine them – influence their consumers.

C+R partners with ARF WIDE to improve the quality and diversity of the future workforce of the advertising/media/research/analytics industries via scholarships, internships, and other learning opportunities for scholars in these fields.

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