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Today’s marketplace is fast paced, ever-changing, and influenced by countless cultures, subcultures, tribes and identities. C+R’s multicultural research division, CultureBeat, is here to help you navigate this multi-faceted, diverse landscape.

Our CultureBeat team is made up of a group of researchers with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds who bring years of experience and in-culture relevance to your marketing and insights.


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With our long history and experience of conducting multicultural research, C+R knows that a successful business strategy for targeting multicultural consumers requires more than just testing specific initiatives. The best results emerge when our in-culture experts work with a client team that’s committed to understanding the unique nuances of each multicultural consumer cohort, with the goal of building empathy.

Building empathy is the core of our Cultural Discovery Series – immersive presentations designed to provide foundational context and a deeper, holistic understanding of many key U.S. population segments, including Black/African American, Asian American, Hispanic, and LGBTQ+.  

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the Cultural Discovery Series – a deep dive into Multicultural Audiences

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Consumers seek brands they can relate to. They search out brands that are evolving in the same direction and at the same pace as the multifaceted culture we live in.

To understand these dynamics, our approach goes beyond simply providing the research results – we partner with your internal teams to genuinely understand multicultural consumers. Once your team builds understanding and empathy, subsequent learning will lead to better business decisions, resulting in authentic marketing that will resonate with your consumers.

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