A Timely Discussion About Multicultural Research

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About This Webinar

As the U.S. continues to become more diverse, understanding the unique needs and desires of each multicultural cohort while striking the balance between authenticity and empathy in your marketing is paramount. Here, at C+R Research, we have long recognized this need; it’s why we’ve been researching multicultural audiences for three decades.

And fast forward to today…our CultureBeat experts are a sought-after resource to help companies understand the importance of incorporating Black/African American, Hispanic, Asian, and LGBTQ+ consumers into their marketing strategies. We invite you to watch our Emerge Smarter webinar, A Timely Discussion About Multicultural Research. We’ve gathered a select group of our CultureBeat thought leaders to discuss:

  • 2020 Census findings and the implications for brands
  • The importance of insights to drive more inclusive marketing efforts

Our panel also discusses how they approach multicultural research, including the unique challenges faced when researching these audiences, how to interpret the nuances of each group, and much more!