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At C+R Research, we know you are under increasing pressure to deliver faster and more cost-effective consumer insights to your stakeholders. We have full research programs and ad-hoc solutions to address the need for quicker and more agile research.

Our flexible, fully customized suite of tools and methodologies leads to quick conclusive analyses and insights to satisfy your swift-moving research needs.

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Our panels use pre-recruited sample sources to give you immediate access to profiled participants.


Communities offer the same features as panels but are more “high touch,” providing regular peer-to-peer and company-to-community engagement. They also give you access to pre-recruited, pre-screened individuals who serve as advisors on a continual basis.


CommuniPanels combine the in-depth insights of communities with the benefits of a larger panel for quantitative and market-specific work.

ad hoc agile
research solutions


omnibus surveys

Omnibus surveys are ideal when you need to capture precise quantitative results among a high-incidence population right away. These quantitative surveys can include up to 10 questions with a Gen Pop sample, with flexible sample sizes ranging from 500 to 2,000 interviews. You can customize banners, and your data is delivered within days.


FlashQuant is perfect when you need survey results fast but could still benefit from a topline report that provides insights for your business questions. FlashQuant surveys are usually 5 to 10 minutes in length with 200-300 respondents.

rapid response

Rapid Response is a fast and cost-effective—yet methodologically rigorous—approach that ensures valid and reliable results that are often predictive of in-market performance. This quantitative platform is great for messaging and advertising testing as quickly as overnight.

a+u now

As a marketing professional (whether a research novice or expert), you need to deeply understand your consumer-packaged goods (CPG) category and brand. And, conducting consumer research, especially Attitude and Usage (A&U) studies, is the way to do it. If your budget and timeline don’t allow for a fully customized study, and basic quick-turn survey solutions won’t answer your most important questions, then A+U NOW® is the perfect solution for you.


innovation sprint

Innovation sprints are designed to move your research from ideation to validation in less than a week after the initial set up. Sprints include online exploration and co-creation, a facilitated client session to build concepts, and an online concept optimization session.


When you need an immediate pulse check on a product, concept, or message, or need to learn more about behaviors in-context, with videos and pictures, our FlashQual solution is a quick-turn, agile version of an online discussion board, shopping mission, or journal. Studies for FlashQual are turned around in half the time it takes to complete a traditional online qualitative project. Our agile pre-recruitment process allows us to pull participants immediately into a discussion after they meet the screening criteria.

Hybrid Solutions


Rapid Quant + Qual Accelerates Insights Without Compromise

LiveHIVE is C+R’s proprietary approach that efficiently captures both quantitative data and rich qualitative insights in a single approach. And, even though this is a rapid solution, you can be confident in your data as we stick to our stringent data quality procedures. It is ideal for testing stimuli such as early-stage creative, packaging, concepts – anything you want consumers to react to – all with the speed you need.

C+R’s New Sentiment Surveys

rich, deep understanding from consumers through their own voices (qualitative) with larger sample size of quantitative

sentiment surveys are perfect for when you need to:

  • gauge consumers’ reactions or understanding of today’s trends and the implications on their buying habits
  • gauge reactions to unexpected publicity, events or market conditions
  • gain a better understanding of just about any business question such as competitor strengths, barriers to purchase, thoughts on the economy, etc.

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