Case Study

Using LiveHive to Develop and Optimize Positioning


What happens when a brand is innovating products that are so forward-thinking, they can’t even be produced with technology currently available?

This was the challenge our client, a large beverage manufacturer, approached C+R for help with solving. They were developing an innovative and forward-thinking beverage product and needed to understand if the idea resonated with consumers. Because the concepts were so forward-thinking, they needed both the confidence given by quantitative sampling and the deeper learnings inherent with qualitative. However, they also wanted answers quickly.


Need Quant Scale with Deep Understanding

Our client, a well-known beverage company, had developed an idea for a beverage product and wanted to understand if the idea had future potential. They had also developed four positionings that laddered up to the idea and wanted to understand which positioning rose to the top and how to optimize it.

The brand approached C+R for help in testing this idea. They wanted a robust sample of respondents so they could feel confident in the KPI metrics after testing. However, because the concepts were so forward-thinking, they also needed in-depth understanding from consumers.

Based on the client’s objectives, we knew that our LiveHIVE approach was the perfect solution.


LiveHive Fits the Bill

Our LiveHIVE approach was used, which is an agile research solution that combines quantitative results with online moderation in a live setting. LiveHIVE enables clients to see results as they come in, providing answers to important questions immediately.

To ignite and propel the qualitative discussions, C+R included Idea Builders™ across webcam focus groups. These participants are idea-fluent, highly articulate, and open-minded. They are skilled at turning insights into ideas.

During each of the four sessions, C+R led a group discussion with the client team where we walked through the incoming quantitative findings. Then, six respondents from each quantitative portion were chosen to move into the webcam focus groups. The client team watched the webcams from the backroom as C+R moderated each 60-minute focus group.

After each session, C+R and the client team quickly debriefed and made any updates, if needed, to the focus group flow before the next session. After the final session, C+R and the client team had a long debrief to synthesize all the data from the four sessions and settle on overall themes.

The result

Clear Story in Just a Few Hours

In just a few hours, our client gained a clear understanding of the direction to move via a cohesive story that wove quantitative and qualitative findings together.

The research showed that the overall idea was well-received, and two territories resonated the most with consumers. In fact, specific elements of each territory were driving interest, so combining those elements into one could prove to be most beneficial.

However, a strong campaign would be necessary, as consumers struggled to make some key connections with the idea, indicating a need to overcome barriers to increase the likelihood of adoption.

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