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From groceries and gadgets to clothing and cars, shopping is more complex than ever before. As product options continue to proliferate and channels continue to evolve, navigating this omnichannel landscape can be challenging for manufacturers and retailers alike. Our ShopperEyes consultants can help you keep pace with shoppers’ ever-changing journeys.

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  • shopper journey/path to purchase
  • decision hierarchies & shelving principles
  • packaging optimization & point of sale communication
  • shopper segmentations
  • website optimization
  • category/brand/retailer shopper deep-dive assessments

the triple Win

the triple win: C+R’s illuminator solutions

Our win-win-win solutions balance the scales for all three key parties: the manufacturer, the retailer, and the shopper. At the heart of our approach is C+R’s Illuminator Solutions®, which are powered by a platform with millions of verified shoppers allowing us to define your target based on their actual behavior – online and offline – and providing you with the most actionable insights to address your category, brand, omnichannel/retailer, and shopper business objectives. When you partner with our consultants, we’ll equip you with deep insights that lead to clear results.

C+R’s iPHD customer journey model:
A Holistic Understanding of the
Shopping Journey

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