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The retail landscape has never been more challenging. Between high shopper expectations, changing safety concerns, out-of-stock issues and online competition, retailers are always looking for ways to stand out.

Retailers are tasked with continually innovating to make both their in-store and online shopping experiences distinctive, memorable, and easy enough to keep customers coming back.

retail challenges
we address:

  • how can we effectively increase shopping trips and basket size?
  • how do we compete with online shopping giants?
  • how can we differentiate our brick-and-mortar experience from others?
  • how can we enhance the shopping experience?
  • how can we maximize category sales?
  • what can we do to boost the share of our private label?
  • how can we leverage signage, product placement, and displays to boost sales?
  • who are our best customers and how do we find more of them?

custom research

The fact is the answers to these questions change based on current events and trends. And when the ground is constantly shifting, it can be difficult to know which moves will actually make a measurable difference. That’s where a reliable and experienced retail market research company comes in.

C+R Research offers comprehensive and totally custom research solutions to fit your  specific needs.  Backed by six decades of experience, we understand how to balance the needs of every retail stakeholder. Leading retail brands trust us because we stick with them through every step – from the “what?” to the “so what?” to the “now what?” Our arsenal of tools includes both tested qualitative and quantitative methodologies and cutting-edge approaches that allow us to deliver new types of insights.

Custom market
research solutions


Package Testing

Passive Metering for Website Optimization

Remote or In-person Shop-Alongs


Simulated Shopper Experiences

Shopper Journey

Shopper Missions

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market research

Whether you’re interested in strategic or tactical research, qualitative or quantitative methods, or optimizing your in-store or online experience, C+R Research is the ideal partner for retail market research.

We understand that retail is a complex ecosystem with many moving parts, and to achieve success, every part needs to be high performing. Our shopper-first mentality always seeks to answer the question, “How do we delight them?” When we focus on this question, retailers, manufacturers, and shoppers all win.

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