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Leaders in the utilities industry have a tough job. They aren’t trying to persuade customers to make a one-time purchase decision, but rather to make sweeping changes to how they run their homes and businesses. This work requires educational campaigns, financial incentives, and a deep understanding of what’s driving customers’ behaviors.


we address:

  • why do customers make the daily energy use choices they make?
  • how can we make households and businesses more energy efficient?
  • how are architects, builders, and energy consultants impacting the energy efficiency of new construction projects and how can we influence their choices?
  • how well are our advertisements resonating?
  • what can we do to move the needle and make an impact on perceptions of our brand and our industry at large?
  • what are the personas or segments within our target market and how can we communicate with them differently?

we go above
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None of these questions is simple. So, it’s critical to get valuable and accurate data that can lead you to actionable insights. The outcome of your work is not just about the success of your company, it also impacts the health of the planet now and in the future. 

You need an experienced market insights partner to help you get answers to your most urgent questions. Among utilities market research companies, C+R Research is a top choice for utility providers that want to delve deeply into the technical questions and know the direction to take.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to learn about the complex issues that affect your industry. And interacting with high-profile respondents means our researchers need to know the ins and outs of energy to get the most out of the conversations with knowledgeable sources.

custom market
research solutions

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for your team

We’ll use a custom mix of strategic and tactical research, qualitative and quantitative methods, and time-tested and innovative methodologies to provide substantive insights that lay a clear path for your team – not a series of disparate data points that require you to connect the dots. 

the future is

Getting people to use less energy and change decades-old habits isn’t simple or fast. But we know this work is important, and we’re proud to contribute to it; the choices your company makes today will help assure that future generations inherit a healthy planet.

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