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When you are asked to test your early-stage creative—whether it’s rough-cut ads, animatics, boards, scripts, packaging design and communications, or positioning themes, know that we have the right approach to best meet your needs. Some of our clients prefer a qualitative approach for deep insights with lots of probing (such as IDIs and immersive online discussions); others prefer the breadth and reliability of quantitative – such as comm checks and copy testing – using monadic approaches. If you are looking for a hybrid solution that marries the strengths of qual and quant, our Live Hive solution combines the best of both worlds.

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Live Hive is C+R’s exciting research methodology that that blends innovation, art, and science to evaluate your brand’s early-stage creative quickly and easily. Live Hive cuts timelines by bringing real-time research to you anytime, anywhere.

the best of both quant and qual

By leveraging the best of both quantitative and qualitative research, online pre-recruited respondents react to your creative in real-time through surveys and webcam focus groups. Each session ends with an immediate debrief of findings and a full report delivered in about a week.

From measuring message communication, persuasive ability, diagnostics, and more, Live Hive facilitates quick learning about what’s working with your creative and what’s not. With everyone wanting “a need for speed”, Live Hive is the perfect solution to bring the consumer perspective to your creative testing needs.

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