What’s on Consumers’ Minds Now? Get All the Buzz with LiveHive

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About This Webinar

C+R’s New Agile, Hybrid Method Provides Real-time Insights

The fluidity of our world today makes it critical for brands like yours to keep a pulse on consumers’ attitudes and behaviors. Fill out the form on the right and hear the buzz from consumers (recorded live on September 8) about the impact of inflation, their back-to-school spending, plans for the holidays, and more. 
You’ll see firsthand how this new hybrid solution leverages the reliability of quantitative research and the depth of qualitative research while providing the speed to get you the insights you need in half the usual time.

What Is LiveHive?

LiveHive is C+R’s proprietary method that efficiently captures both quantitative data and rich qualitative insights in a single approach, and leverages a robust platform from Recollective. It is ideal for testing stimuli such as early-stage creative, packaging, concepts – anything that you want consumers to react to. 

For this webinar, we are so pleased that ROI Rocket will partner with us to recruit consumers for our LiveHive session. 

About Recollective
Recollective is an industry-leading qualitative research platform. For almost 25 years, their innovative technology has enabled researchers and businesses to engage in conversations and discover deeper insights that drive better business decisions. 
As a complete solution, Recollective’s comprehensive toolset allows researchers to conduct both asynchronous and live studies in the same environment including digital ethnographies, journaling, live focus group sessions and ongoing communities at any scale or duration. Recollective is web-based, operates on any device and is available in more than 25 different languages to support research initiatives around the globe.  
About ROI Rocket
ROI Rocket provides research services, marketing and sales automation, and digital agency support to consultants, investors, corporate clients, and the research community. Headquartered in Denver, the firm has offices in Boston, Jacksonville, Portland, Tampa, and most recently in Nantes, France. ROI Rocket is part of the MarketOnce Holdings portfolio.