Data Quality

if Data Quality
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The realities of conducting market research today make data quality more important than ever before. At C+R, we understand that great research and deep perspective begin with reliable, accurate data and data quality is at the heart of this.

Based on our years of experience, we know that the most effective data quality approach is not something that can easily be achieved via a one-stop, technology only solution – it takes a village! That’s why we’ve created C+R Sentinel — a system of processes, partnerships, and technology working together to ensure data quality, allowing us to deliver results our clients know they can be confident in.

The three dimensions of Sentinel include:

advanced analytics

Customized by our advanced analytics team for each project, we check:  length of interview to deter speeders, straight-lining, contradictory responses, red-herrings & consistency algorithms.

Strategic Partnerships

With our partners, we are able to assign a “fraud score” to each respondent, use real time analysis of open ends, prevent link tampering, and block survey attempts from countries/locations not in the study.

Proprietary Technology

This includes everything from our survey template with built in data quality security measures, digital fingerprinting, banning repeat offenders from future surveys, professional respondents, and bot detection.

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