The Impact Bad Actors Have on Sample Quality and Brand Strategies

Wednesday, July 17 | 12:00 PM CT

Join us for a special Emerge Smarter webinar, where we tackle the ever-prevalent issue of Data Quality and share new insights about the impact of poor sample on survey results. As a client, you might be asking the question, “Why should I care about Data Quality?” The answer is simple – Your investment in research initiatives is substantial – but more importantly, the decisions for your brand, worth millions of dollars, are often based on survey data. And the consequences of using inaccurate data to develop your brand strategies can have serious repercussions for your brand’s reputation and success.

While many have just begun to recognize the significance of this issue, at C+R, we’ve been deep in the trenches on this issue for 20 years. Our extensive experience has taught us valuable lessons about the importance of catching bad actors in surveys. With each passing year, as these bad actors become more sophisticated, we’ve continuously adapted and evolved our strategies to keep them from influencing your data. We’ve come to realize that combatting this issue requires “a village,” with constant vigilance.

In this webinar, we will share results of our Research-on-Research project that showcases the dramatic impact of allowing bad actors into your survey results. Specifically, you will learn the:

  • Array of factors, both tech and human, that are vital for ensuring Data Quality
  • Implications of bad data and its impact on your strategies (targeting, communications, innovation)
  • Key questions you should ask your research partners regarding the data quality systems they have in place