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Our clients often come to us unsure about whether their research questions are best suited for a qualitative or quantitative approach. We explain that qualitative research is best when you need a deep understanding of a topic. Qualitative research helps determine the “why” and “how,” through techniques such as observation, conversation, and co-creation, rather than the “what,” “when,” and “how much.” Qualitative research allows us to develop an understanding of the emotional connection driving consumer behavior.

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Our qualitative offerings are comprehensive and cover a wide spectrum of traditional and innovative tools to address all your business issues. Our qualitative team is comprised of in-person and online moderators, including those who can conduct qualitative research in-culture and in-language. With our dedicated qualitative field experts and storyologists, we have you covered. Learn more about our offerings.

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Our moderators come from a variety of backgrounds – psychology, sociology, education, anthropology, and more – allowing us to learn from consumers in different ways. They have honed many techniques and proprietary tools to uncover the hidden drivers of consumer behavior, tapping into underlying emotional needs and motivations. Our moderators employ a variety of in-person and online approaches designed to uncover stories that matter, such as consumer perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors. C+R’s qualitative experts go beyond the surface to get to the heart of what matters most to consumers.

A Rich History of Boundary-Pushing Research

C+R has a particularly rich history in qualitative research. Our founder, Dr. Saul ben Zeev, is credited with taking the group interview approach out of the academic setting and applying it to marketing research in the 1950s. His innovative thinking and willingness to push boundaries is at the heart of how we approach research today.

Qualitative and Quantitative, Together Under One Roof

For multi-modal research, our qual and quant teams are under one roof – working together every step of the way to produce a comprehensive story with incredibly rich insights. To add dimension to the insights, our in-house team of storyologists can turn raw video footage into a sizzle reel – a great way to bring a story to life, socialize insights, and help stakeholders gain empathy for their consumers.

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