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Joining Your Consumers at Home, On the Job, and at the Store

There’s no better way to truly understand how people live their lives and interact with various categories than through ethnographies – engaging with consumers in the context of their behaviors. Ethnographies allow us to deeply explore consumer behavior by joining consumers in their world; whether that’s in their home, on their job, or when they are shopping, we’ll go wherever we need to go to deeply understand your consumers.

In-the-Moment Behaviors, Needs, and Pain-Points

With digital and in-person ethnographies, we can observe authentic rituals and routines in consumers’ natural environments, capturing their feelings regarding personal and emotional topics and understanding their in-the-moment behaviors, needs, and pain points. We recommend ethnographic research for a variety of applications including consumer profiling, segment illumination, innovation programs, and path-to-purchase journeys.

Online or In-Person,
Empowering Consumers
To Tell Their Story


At C+R, we conduct digital/mobile as well as in-person ethnographies. With digital/mobile ethnographies, consumers capture their experiences with pictures and videos as they are happening, giving them the power to tell their story in the context of each occasion or use. 

We also rely on unobtrusive observation, where we capture real-life behaviors in the moment, giving us a way to see realistic behaviors in natural environments.


Additionally, with in-person ethnographies, our qualitative experts are there with the consumer, observing and absorbing their behaviors, as well as the environment in which their behaviors are taking place. This context leads to a deeper understanding, no matter how ordinary or unique the situation is. For instance, our moderators can observe shopping at the local supermarket to understand consumer decision-making for a specific category or at a particular retailer, or cooking dinner with family at the end of the day to reveal processes, needs, and workarounds. We can also observe special occasions, such as Quinceañera celebrations to gain a deeper understanding of a target’s lifestyle.

Rich Insights

Regardless of the approach (digital or in-person), the ability to see actual behavior in natural settings leads to rich insights and greater empathy that helps clients put the consumer at the forefront of everything their brand does.

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