My COVID-19 Chronicles: Insights from the Consumer Connections Community

About This ebook

To provide brands with an opportunity to connect with consumers, C+R hosted an online pop-up community as a part of our COVID-19 Chronicles Consumer Connections Series. For the community, participants from across the United States shared their stories in real-time over a two-week period. A portion of these consumers also participated in a digital ethnography, chronicling their lives, behaviors, and attitudes during the current environment with videos, pictures, and text. And, all of the consumer community participants completed daily diaries to track their emotional journeys.  Brands were given front-row access to it all – allowing them to dig deep into the whats and whys, and the emotions that are driving consumers right now. They were also allowed to submit their specific questions.  

We found that over the two weeks, consumers’ daily emotions and experiences varied greatly, from extreme highs to extreme lows. Specifically, the areas that caused them extreme stress varied from day to day. And while there was an upward trend with these emotions, their journey was not linear. People are changing just as fast as new developments with COVID-19 are rapidly evolving. Click here to learn from the report how you can help consumers continue to cope during this transition of our evolving “new normal.” 


Date(s) research was conducted:  
May 13-27, 2020 


Ashleigh Williams

Senior Director, Online Qualitative Research