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We’ve developed a framework that provides a holistic read of brand health, taking into account each of the brand health ‘pillars’ that impact your brand’s long-term value and health. We measure all the ways your brand can grow, including persuasion, commitment, momentum, and motivation.

Our Holistic approach

The Head: Persuasion

  • To what degree is your brand considered superior to its competition? 
  • Is your brand truly better and different from others? 
  • Is your brand perceived as having greater features and benefits than competitors?

the Heart: Commitment

  • Even when the product is considered on par with competitors, does your brand mean more to your customers? 
  • Does your brand say something about people associated with it? 
  • Is your brand personally relevant? 
  • How loyal are your brand’s consumers?
  • Would consumers recommend your brand? 
  • What is your brand’s personality?

The Gut: Momentum

  • To what degree is your brand on consumers’ radar?
  • Do consumers have a sense that your brand is being talked about? 
  • Do consumers believe your brand is improving? 
  • Do consumers perceive your brand that others will follow?

The Wallet: Motivation

  • To what degree would consumers consider your brand if they were looking for a related product/service? 
  • Would consumers include your brand in their information search? 
  • To what degree would consumers recommend your brand to friends?

Advanced Analytics
that elevate your data

With decades of tracking experience under our belts, we have a wide variety of analytic approaches at our disposal, including:

  • Key Drivers Analysis
  • Quadrant Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Perceptual Mapping

Learn the Issues that Plague Brand Health Trackers

C+R’s Customizable
Brand Power Score

Our clients are always looking for the “one score” that will track their brand’s health and help them size up how they compare with the competition. That’s why we developed a customizable composite metric that provides a trackable Brand Power Score.

Here’s how it works…

The first thing we do is sit down together to collaboratively develop an analytical model constructed around the pillars most relevant to your brand. The model can incorporate a variety of measures, including those named here. The composite metric is a weighted average of the different measures included in the model. Our Advanced Analytics team helps determine the appropriate weight to assign to each metric.

The Brand Power Score simplifies the comparison process by providing a quick and easy bird’s-eye view of how your brand is evolving.

How Effective
is your Advertising?

Another key component of brand tracking is monitoring your brand’s advertising effectiveness. We can help you monitor your brand’s salience by identifying things like whether consumers recall your advertising on an unaided basis, where they saw the advertising, and how motivating it was. Regardless of your advertising strategy and tactics, we can help you understand what’s on your consumers’ minds.

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