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Consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies have always raced to keep up with new trends and emerging competitors in an already crowded market. And as the COVID-19 pandemic made clear, consumers’ attitudes and habits can change on a dime which makes it critical to keep your finger on the pulse of the ever-changing landscape. The aforementioned challenges are just the start – many brands are rethinking their previous strategies and asking questions like, “Who are my consumers today?” With the massive upheaval in the shopping experience, this is the perfect time to revisit foundational aspects of your brand and how it fits your consumers’ lives today.

consumer packaged
goods challenges
we address

  • how do we stay relevant in the world of fast-moving consumer goods?
  • how do we gain trial, repeat usage, and ultimately, customer loyalty?
  • How do I retain the new customers I have attracted during the pandemic?
  • how do we shift marketing strategies to reach consumers who are shopping both brick and mortar and online?
  • how do you get consumers to notice new products on the shelf or when they’re shopping online?
  • what kind of claims do consumers want on products?
  • how do we compete with private label brands?
  • which segments are most viable for our product?
  • what adjustments are needed to our product prior to launch?

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To get accurate answers to your most urgent business questions, you need a market research partner who doesn’t just deliver data. You need actionable insights that position you to make game-changing moves for your brand.

With our 60+ year track record as a pioneer in CPG market research, we’re always innovating and evolving our approaches, techniques, and best practices. Our team is passionate about pushing the bar to discover new ways to get valuable insights from consumers.

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Whether you know exactly what to ask or need help figuring out which questions matter most for your research objectives, you’re in the right place. We will design a custom program that combines the right elements of strategic and tactical research, qualitative and quantitative methods, and ever-evolving innovative techniques.

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You spend a lot of time understanding every nuance of your market; getting it right is as high stakes as it gets. When you work with C+R for CPG market research, you become a fine-tuned expert in your audience segments. And we become your partner and advocate, empowering you to make forward-thinking decisions backed by reliable data and powerful insights.

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