Case Study

Leveraging Unique Techniques to Engage the Elusive B2B Target in an Ongoing Fashion


A packaged goods company (CPG) in the construction and home décor categories wanted to conduct ongoing research with a hard-to-reach B2B target. The company was interested in engaging its elusive target alongside a more available consumer target to produce fast, effective insights. The research would support business decision making across both of their core targets.

To harness decades of panel expertise and B2B experience, they called C+R. Our research team developed a custom panel to effectively engage the client’s consumers and B2B targets across a range of needs and topics.


In Search of Easy Access to Hard-to-Reach B2B Targets

A CPG company needed access to quick insights, but had been struggling with the repeated, high cost of connecting with B2B targets across research initiatives. While engaging half of their audience—the consumers—had been easy, long-term engagements with B2B targets had proven difficult.


Cost and Time Effective Feedback

The C+R Research team created a custom panel to meet the client’s needs. The panel offered two components – one for consumers and another for B2B professionals.

In the engagements conducted over 2+ years, C+R and the client explored perceptions, experiences, and processes on an ongoing basis. Cadence and language were tailored to be thorough, relatable, and detailed in support of continued engagement and cost- and time-effective feedback.

The panel provided the client with reliable, ongoing access to both of its audiences. Over the course of our engagement, the team used the panel to conduct a range of research methodologies, including:

  • Quantitative surveys
  • Quick polls
  • Mobile missions in-store
  • Screen capture missions online
  • Photo and video capture
  • Forums across relevant topics
  • In-depth discussions
  • Webcam Interviews
  • Focus Groups

The result

Supporting Ongoing Knowledge Development and Quick Decision Making

Our panel research has led to insights across an array of client initiatives. Here are just a few of the topics explored:

  • Optimizing product packages to suit both groups at-shelf
  • Developing pricing structures that are clear and impactful for both groups
  • Rolling out new products to suit all audiences (including co-creation and development,
  • Unearthing pain points associated with in-store and online shopping experiences
  • Delving into product expectations and evolving design needs

C+R’s custom panel provided the client with agile, ready access to both of its core targets. With the panel in place, research could easily and quickly be conducted with each target separately or in parallel. Learnings were used to make quick and reliable decisions across business units while building the company’s knowledge about each target.

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