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Unlike other industries, consumer durables have a long timeline for both shoppers and manufacturers. Consumers don’t purchase these pricey items without significant research, discussion, and consideration. And for brands, the process from ideation to  product launch can be as long as five years.

In this way, consumer durable brands have a tougher job than leaders in other industries – they have to predict the future to determine what needs and trends will exist years from now.

consumer durables

key questions
we answer:

  • how will different members of the household use this product?
  • how will future changes in technology impact product performance?
  • which products/features should be in our pipeline?
  • what are the underlying frustrations that inspire new product features? 
  • how can all the features of a complex product be demonstrated in limited retail space?
  • how are consumers researching products throughout their shopping experience?

time-tested methods

To answer these questions and continue to make products that address your consumers’ needs, you need in-depth insights from a market research company that understands the unique challenges you face.

C+R Research is one of the country’s leading product market research companies. We have perfected time-tested methods and pioneered cutting-edge research techniques that have given brands access to intimate consumer behavior data they’d previously only dreamed about.

Leaders in the consumer durables industry trust us because we know that they want to understand the minutiae of their customers’ attitudes and behavior. And they’re ready to explore innovative ways of learning those attitudes and behaviors.

custom market
research solutions


We approach every research project with a custom toolbox, selecting from a range of qualitative and quantitative methods designed to gather new insights into your consumers’ daily lives. And don’t worry, you’ll never find us resting on our laurels – we’re  always innovating new ways to get the insights you need.

We know we’ve done a stand-out job when our insights are being used in product development years later. And you know your work is making a difference when your industry-leading products are improving consumers’ everyday lives.

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