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Knowing your competition before breaking into a marketplace is essential. Think: global brands considering US entry, start-ups, or established brands assessing opportunities in a newly considered category.

You need to know how strong your competition is – in terms of brand equity and customer loyalty – and how open consumers are to trying a new product. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the players in your category, as a new brand you can determine how to differentiate yourself, and what white space opportunities exist.

the best
approach for
your brand

At C+R, we have a huge range of approaches to meet any of your competitive landscape research needs – from a qualitative exploratory study to a robust strategic study, or something in between.

landscape study:
get a closer look
at your competition

answer burning
questions like:

  • who is aware of specific brands?
  • who has considered them?
  • who is a loyal customer and what motivates them to be loyal?
  • what motivates people to try brands in your category and what motivates them to be loyal to a particular brand?

C+R can help you
break away from
the pack

determine brand perceptions of the players in your category

identify which brands are differentiated in the minds of consumers

identify other brands’ strengths and weaknesses

what new opportunities are out there – what can your brand stand for that no other brand “owns”?

Identify the barriers your brand needs to address

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