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Integrating the Human Experience in Physical & Digital Worlds

Shoppers today have many purchasing options: brick and mortar, online, or somewhere in between. Our goal is to understand shoppers’ path to purchase—specifically, how physical and digital worlds are creating fully integrated human experiences for the shopper and consumer.

In certain categories, shoppers and consumers can be two different people; in others, it is the same person. But in most situations, we aren’t one or the other; we seamlessly transition between the two.

C+R’s iPHD Path-to-Purchase model:
A Holistic Understanding of the
Shopping Journey

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A Timely Discussion about the Shopper Journey

our shopper expertise + vast toolbox = actionable insights at each phase

The resulting insights and actions to be taken are only as good as the research design and execution used to derive them. Our shopper suite of services leverages our many years of shopper insights expertise—combined with our vast toolbox of in-context observation, qualitative, and quantitative research so that we can answer your shopper insight needs.



  • We uncover underlying motives and needs that drive different shopping journeys so you can…

    Align messaging strategy with the outcomes shoppers value most to connect with them in a deep & motivating way

  • We uncover in-home dynamics that impact consumers' perceptions & buying behaviors so you can…

    Innovate against specific need states/usage occasions that reflect growth opportunities

  • We uncover brand perceptions & purchase habits that shape their decision-making so you can…

    Discern key brand drivers and barriers to consideration/retention in order to strategize targeted solutions to improve purchase interest



  • We uncover the degree to which purchases are planned vs. spontaneous – and how those trips differ so you can…

    Customize shopper marketing plans to drive both planned + impulse purchasing

  • We uncover common pre-trip planning behaviors spanning both physical & digital touchpoints so you can…

    Align communications strategy with the touchpoints and messaging vehicles shoppers rely on most

  • We uncover shopping drivers & barriers for destination choice so you can…

    Enhance retailer partnerships through an understanding of the retail needs of key segments



  • We uncover ease of navigation and finding what is needed/desired so you can…

    Identify opportunities to refine current shelf/page to motivate brand choice and influence purchasing

  • We uncover touchpoints, communications, & influencers along the path-to-purchase so you can…

    Craft retailer sell-in stories by aligning shopper insights with retailer shopper marketing and merchandising strategies that create new opportunities & drive results

  • We uncover pain points & opportunities to improve the shopping experience so you can…

    Optimize the overall retail experience through an enhanced understanding of the shopping process & points of inflection


purchase moment

  • We uncover initial decision hierarchy of elements used to guide the purchase decision so you can…

    Identify elements with the most impact on decision-making for communication and shelf/page set strategies

  • We uncover key influencers + elements that drive switching behaviors – including the role of brand so you can…

    Uncover opportunities to drive product choice and bolster brand loyalty

  • We uncover considerations across key shopper segments so you can….

    Focus messaging on the product benefits that attract and convert key shopper segments



  • we uncover the experience of getting products home from brick and mortar, ecommerce delivery and home storage so you can…

    Determine bundling promotions to make it easier to hit ‘free delivery’ options as well as packaging cues that aid in storage

  • We cover usage frequency and how brand/product is consumed so you can…

    Identify elements related to the usage occasion that can be leveraged in messaging to take shoppers to the occasion when considering what to buy

  • We uncover level of brand loyalty and intent to repurchase brand or recommend so you can…

    Uncover opportunities to drive repeat purchases and recommendations

tailor-made solutions

Whatever your business issues, we customize a research program to uncover path-to-purchase insights through the lens of the shopper, brand, category, or retailer. And we share these insights in a thoughtful storytelling format that helps you and your stakeholders easily understand opportunities along shoppers’ path to purchase. Regardless of the shopper challenges you need to address, our ShopperEyes® expert can offer an array of insightful solutions to guide you in the development of your shopper strategies and tactics.

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explore shopper journey
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