The Shopping Experience: Strategies to Influence Behavior at Shelf/Page

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In today’s environment of uncertainty, now more than ever, it’s critical to deeply understand the shopping experience. Join us for a webinar that will feature C+R’s shopper insights experts, joined by our partner, Retail Aware. In this webinar:

  • C+R will focus on how to uncover shoppers’ perceptions, thoughts, and feelings about the brick & mortar and the digital shopping experience using various methods such as online user experience, shop-alongs with eye tracking, and in-store intercepts.
  • Retail Aware will bring the perspective of observation research via proprietary sensors that track product movement to see how shoppers interact with product displays.

Join them to learn how you can develop strategies and tactics to help you win at shelf/on page, to increase sales and help drive loyalty.

Kathleen Blum

Vice President, Shopper Insights Research

Nancy Baum

Vice President, In-Person Qualitative Research