Empowering Your Strategies with Shopper Segmentation

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During this Emerge Smarter webinar, watch as our shopper insights expert, Kathleen Blum as she unveiled C+R Research’s new proprietary Shopper Segmentation. Gain valuable insights into shoppers’ thoughts, needs, and behaviors in the food, beverage, and household categories. In this webinar:  

  • Learn the difference between a shopper and a consumer segmentation. 
  • Meet some of the shopper segments and gain a deeper understanding of their mindset, preferences, and motivations.  
  • Learn how our typing tool can be incorporated in targeted shopper projects and custom consumer segmentations for a comprehensive view of how your consumer and shopper segments intertwine.   
  • Discover how our shopper segmentation can help inform decisions about your product offerings, marketing strategies, and customer engagement initiatives. 

Elizabeth Lohse

Senior Director, Quantitative Research

Kathleen Blum

Vice President, Shopper Insights Research

Lily Birmingham

Analyst, Quantitative Research

Lindsay Schachinger

Senior Analyst, Communities & Panels