Empowering Your Strategies with Shopper Segmentation

April 25, 2024 | 12:00 pm CT

For our next Emerge Smarter webinar, join our shopper insights expert, Kathleen Blum as she unveils C+R Research’s new proprietary Shopper Segmentation. Gain valuable insights into shoppers’ thoughts, needs, and behaviors in the food, beverage, and household categories. In this webinar:  

  • Learn the difference between a shopper and a consumer segmentation. 
  • Meet some of the shopper segments and gain a deeper understanding of their mindset, preferences, and motivations.  
  • Learn how our typing tool can be incorporated in targeted shopper projects and custom consumer segmentations for a comprehensive view of how your consumer and shopper segments intertwine.   
  • Discover how our shopper segmentation can help inform decisions about your product offerings, marketing strategies, and customer engagement initiatives. 

Kathleen Blum

Vice President, Shopper Insights Research