Case Study

Lottery Ticket Path to Purchase Illuminates New POS Strategies Across Channels


Our client, a state lottery corporation, sought to enhance their in-store shopper marketing strategies for future initiatives targeting prominent retail outlets, including convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and liquor stores. Given their long-term partnership with C+R, they came to us to design a study to meet their objectives. With that in mind, C+R designed Path-to-Purchase research to inform the marketing tactics across key channels as well as at the Point of Sale (POS) across the channels.


Determine the path-to-purchase for buying lottery tickets with a focus on POS

In our project kick-off session, we discussed with the client team any potential influential point of sale (POS) items, such as jackpot amount signs inside vs. outside of the store, any in-store displays, etc. They were also interested in other influences to purchase lottery tickets such as store clerks, seasonal displays, as well as channel influence.  Armed with this information, we went about designing our online survey.


Quantitative validation needed for decision-making

A 15-minute, self-administered, online survey was conducted among residents of the lottery-run state. Our sample size was very robust with over n=1,300 past 2-week lottery ticket purchasers. These past 2-week lottery ticket purchasers also had to have purchased at least one lottery ticket from one of the key channels and indicated that all their purchases were not habitual/routine.

Our goal with the survey was to validate lottery players’ motivations and touchpoints along the path to purchase. We identified the number of influential POS that drive lottery purchasing behaviors, as well as determined which display can impact purchasing behavior across key retailers. Additionally, we assessed any seasonal variability of the purchase journey, lottery and store mobile app usage, and post-purchase journey.

The result

Our robust study revealed lottery’s key purchasing trends and untapped in-store marketing strategies

The research shed light on the reasons for channel trips and whether lottery ticket purchases are the main reason for the channel trip; for some channels the lottery ticket purchase is the main reason for the trip.

We also identified the likely day of the week for purchasing lottery tickets, as well as the influence of holidays on purchasing. In-store, we found that consistent standards for the placement of key point-of-sale (POS) pieces were critical to drive purchase behavior and maximize sales. Other opportunities were also uncovered revolving around marketing efforts not considered before such as cashier-driven tactics, as well as specific holiday-themed efforts.

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