Is Your Business Recession-Proof? Learn From Some That Are!

About This Webinar

Is it true that some industries are recession-proof? The hard facts are that a recession impacts everyone in some way, but some businesses navigate these waters better than others and are perceived as recession-proof. Since there is debate as to whether we are already in a recession or entering one, this webinar will unpack tips on minimizing the effects of a recession on your business.

In this webinar recording C+R thought leaders discuss:

  • What makes some businesses appear to be recession-proof
  • Tips you can learn from recession-resistant businesses
  • Recommendations on how to prepare and survive a recession and come out thriving

Christy Schlosser

Vice President, Quantitative Research

Dave Mastrofski

Vice President, Quantitative Research

Kathleen Blum

Vice President, Shopper Insights Research