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Understanding UX Needs and Site Optimization Across Visitor Segments


The use of brand and organization websites in the durable goods space depends on the information we’re looking for from the site. This experience is vastly different between consumers, tradespeople, and those using it for sales support. Understanding the composition of a website’s audience and the key elements they’re looking for can help improve the user experience. 

How do these different types of users navigate the website? How do their end goals differ? How does their role influence their interactions with the website content? What are the best practices the site needs to address to support a positive user experience regardless of who is visiting?

Seeking a deep understanding and profile of their website’s visitors, our client approached C+R Research for help. We helped the team develop a multi-country qualitative and quantitative hybrid approach.  With these insights, our client was able to identify key opportunities on how to optimize the site’s experience and better support different types of visitors. 


Understanding Website Visitors’ Profile & Purpose

Our client needed to identify the visitor profile on their site to understand who was using it and for what purpose. The client also needed to understand what information visitors were looking for, what areas of the site they visited, and how well those areas worked to provide them with the information they sought.
C+R was approached for help with building this profile and adding a depth of understanding of the site’s use. Specifically, our client sought to:

  • Develop an understanding of the site users and how they are interacting with the site
  • Understand how behaviors, needs, and preferences differ by audience
  • Identify best practices from competitor sites and where their site fits in users’ eyes (navigation, content, look and feel, inspiration, etc.)


Quant for profile and visiting information; qual to dig deeper

We collaboratively developed a multi-country survey that would be triggered after the visitors spent a specified amount of time on the website. The survey collected their profile as well as motivators for visiting and was deployed in two countries.

Once the survey was complete, participants were invited to participate in remote moderated webcam interviews to dig deeper into the site’s UX and the visitor’s needs.

The research captured feedback from all visitor segments ensuring a holistic look at the needs of visitors with different motivations for visiting.

The result

Profile, motivations, delighters and pain points come to life

We helped the client build a profile of their visitors based on the quantitative pop-up survey and the key motivators for visiting. Through the qualitative, we observed users interact with the website and provide their perspectives on how well the website helps (or doesn’t help) them reach their goals. We also developed a deeper understanding of user perceptions of competitor websites to garner benchmarks on attitudes and expectations.

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