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Expansion to new markets is a way for brands to help increase their sales. While some products can be utilized in different markets, not all cultures are alike. There are major differences in how consumers in different cultures approach tasks, especially regarding food preparation and cooking. So, how can a brand looking to expand its presence globally get to know each of these cultures intimately and authentically and leverage these important differences, as well as similarities?

This was the question our client, a large American appliance manufacturer, sought C+R’s help in answering. After seeing positive gains in many global markets, they wanted to understand the consumers’ needs better when approaching food preparation and cooking tasks to help solve future gaps with product innovation.

To address the client’s objectives, we created a two-phase research program targeting a representative sample of consumers across key countries within each global region (North America, Latin America, Europe/Middle East/Africa [EMEA], and Asia-Pacific). Through an online community, we set out to gain an initial understanding of behaviors and needs. Then we validated these behaviors and needs using an online survey, sizing opportunities for our client’s brand into these usage occasions.


Determine nuances of behaviors across different cultures

Our client, an appliance manufacturer, has developed product solutions across various food preparation and cooking categories. While these appliances are offered globally, the team would like to understand the nuances of behaviors across different cultures.

They approached C+R for help in better understanding these markets in how consumers approach food preparation and cooking, specifically:

  • How do consumers use appliances in food preparation and cooking?
  • What needs do consumers have when prepping and cooking?
  • Are there any unmet needs in these areas for potential whitespace opportunities?


Qual first then large scale 13 country quant

We developed a multiphase qualitative and quantitative research program to help our clients answer their important business questions.

First, we created an online discussion board to delve deeply into the small appliance usage occasion. Twenty-five category decision makers completed three days of activities and discussion. Through these discussion questions and other activities, we learned about how consumers approach each food preparation/cooking occasion, their expectations and wants for their small appliances.

After the qualitative phases were complete, we administered a 13-country survey to 22,860 category decision makers to quantify the results. We were able to compare the differences between usage occasions and category expectations across countries, as well as commonalities. We also identified key drivers of satisfaction for product choice and uncovered white space opportunities for future product development.

The result

Informing product planning and development

We helped our client learn more about the consumer in their category, including how small appliances are currently being used and their needs when completing food preparation & cooking tasks. We also learned key differences in behaviors across countries/regions, as well as commonalities, which helped inform the client’s future product planning and development.

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