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Brand Positioning –
who you are
and what you stand for

Your brand positioning is the conceptual place you want to own in your target audience’s mind – what your brand stands for, what it offers, and perhaps most importantly, the feelings and emotions people experience when they think of your brand.

Getting your brand positioning right is critical – it must resonate with consumers, be relevant to them, and reflect the characteristics most important to them. It’s also a foundation – how your brand comes to life in advertising, communications, and packaging strategies.

C+R offers an array of qualitative and quantitative approaches to help clients establish powerful positioning statements. We can start from scratch and work together to develop testing positioning statements or gather insights that transform your existing statement from good to great.

Highlighter tool is Key to Optimization

C+R’s interactive highlighter tool, analogous to a common focus group exercise, helps us identify the words and phrases that are most appealing and motivating to consumers. Our team of experts uses this data to deconstruct a concept and identify the most (and least) meaningful and motivating elements.

Next, using open-ended probes, we work with consumers to precisely diagnose what is and is not communicating well in your positioning.

The result? A positioning that resonates with consumers and brings your brand to life.

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