Case Study

Mapping the Shopper Journey to Optimize Merchandising Strategies


Looking to innovate, a major food manufacturer needed to identify unmet needs and associated opportunities in the frozen snacks and appetizers category. They looked to C+R for help.


Hungry for Innovation

A major food manufacturer was eager to innovate their frozen snacks and appetizers products, but first needed to understand consumers’ unmet needs.

Before launching any new products, the client wanted a deep understanding of how shoppers perceive and shop for products in this specific category. The client was also looking for product development guidance and support cultivating a merchandising strategy.


A Mixed Methods Approach

C+R used a combination of online qualitative and quantitative methods to explore the client’s research questions and pinpoint key findings. Specifically, we studied:

  • How consumers shop for and perceive frozen snacks and appetizers
  • Major purchase barriers for the product vertical
  • Key influence points along the shopping journey
  • How new products should be merchandised
  • Optimal aisle organization and overall shelving strategy

The result

A Winning Strategy

Using a combination of online qualitative and quantitative research methods, we were able to understand and categorize how consumers shop the client’s category. We identified key influence points along the shopping journey and how they vary by shopper type.

Better yet, through this ShopperEyes research, the client was able to develop and optimize a winning strategy for merchandising and shelving their new products.

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