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focus groups: the power of
group dynamics

why conduct a
focus group?

Focus groups provide an efficient way to facilitate deep and meaningful conversations on a variety of topics. Live conversations – whether they are conducted in-person or online – allow us to be fluid and dynamic in our questions – probing on responses and building on learnings to continually peel back the proverbial onion. This approach is particularly useful with co-creation, optimizing earlier-stage stim, or when open exploration on a variety of topics is needed.

Facilitate deep
and meaningful
conversation with
focus groups

get rich insight on a
variety of topics:

  • reacting to new product concepts, creative directions, or packaging designs
  • taste testing new foods or beverages
  • exploring brand perceptions and perspectives on category landscapes

why c+R

why conduct a
focus group with

new ways of
building on the
tried and true

We’ve been innovating on what the term “focus group” means for over 60 years. Our founder, Dr. Saul ben Zeev, is credited with taking the group interview approach out of the academic setting and applying it to marketing research in the 1950s. His innovative thinking and willingness to push boundaries is at the heart of how we approach focus groups today.

our moderators
make the

We all know that the difference between a good focus group and a great one is the moderator leading the discussion. Our moderators are skilled at getting the most out of each and every participant – they know how to create a trusting and comfortable environment, as well as handling those “outspoken” participants who can lead the discussion off topic.

They also excel at projective techniques and deeply probing surface responses to get to the underlying emotions that drive behavior.

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