Laura Westraad

Senior Director, In-Person Qualitative Research

meet Laura

Laura Westraad is a qualitative bilingual moderator with over 10 years of advertising, marketing, and research experience. ​

Laura’s natural ability to connect with people from all walks of life, along with her strong analytical sense, has positioned her as a go-to moderator for a wide range of clients from healthcare and wellness to CPG and online marketplaces. In addition, Laura has a wide range of experience in multicultural research. ​

She is known among her clients for not being afraid to have “tough” conversations and facilitating discussions that, while comfortable and organic, still bring subconscious thoughts/biases/sensitivities to light. ​

Laura also brings client-side experience, having worked as an advertising analyst for Grupo Exito (Lead retailer in Colombia) where she worked in the creation and development of marketing strategies for brand positioning, product launch, loyalty programs, and customer service.​

Laura has a BA in Advertising from the Pontificia Bolivariana University of Colombia. Laura is a RIVA Trained Moderator / Bilingual Moderator.