Mark Solotroff

Senior Director, In-Person Qualitative Research

meet mark

Mark Solotroff is a Senior Director on the qualitative team with nearly 25 years of strategic planning and consumer and market research experience.​

Prior to joining C+R Research, Mark worked in the advertising and marketing world at agencies including Havas, Epsilon, and Draft (now FCB). Mark was also a founding partner of Atlas Group, a strategy and research consultancy that spun off from Draft’s Consumer Intelligence team. Mark has experience in moderation and facilitation, and he’s practiced in focus groups, online panels, one-on-ones, shop-alongs, ethnographies and trend tracking, workshops, brainstorming, and ideation sessions. ​

His agency experience has allowed him to work across the complete research lifecycle, including executing and analyzing research, mining for actionable insights, and creating inspirational strategies. Mark has worked within a wide range of industry verticals, including CPG, adult beverage, automotive, dining, financial services, health and beauty, retail, telecom and tech, pharma, and travel and hospitality, encompassing both B2C and B2B.​

Mark’s education background includes The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Drake University, Truman College, and The Burke Institute, where he was trained in qualitative research.