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When you are you looking to test your rough-cut ads, storyboards, animatics, or finished commercials, which is more important to you: depth of insight, or speed of delivery?

If the answer is "both," then C+R's CopyIQ may be the ideal solution for you.

Get it Right. Get it Right Now.

CopyIQ is C+R's unique online, interactive testing method that blends innovation, art, and science to effectively evaluate your brand's creative quickly and easily. We marry an in-depth format (understanding message communication, persuasive ability, ad diagnostics) with a broad based scale (usually 50 to 100 participants in a session).

Dynamic, Real-Time Online Qual/Quant Approach

CopyIQ's hybrid qual/quant methodology combines the nuances and details of in-depth interviews with the rigor and metrics of wide-reaching surveys in a single test. CopyIQ clients are able to eliminate the potential pitfalls of choosing a single methodology, such as:

  • Are a handful of focus groups or IDIs really representative of my market?
  • Will a quantitative survey capture the nuances behind consumers' reactions to my ideas?
  • Ultimately, how much money, effort, and time on the road am I going to have to spend to get a confident answer?

CopyIQ cuts budgets and timelines by bringing real-time research to you anytime, anywhere.

CopyIQ offers a Powerful Analytics Dashboard

In a typical CopyIQ live session, a large geographically dispersed set of online pre-recruited respondents react to your creative in real-time through group-directed dynamic probing, as well as closed-ended and open-ended questions. This approach allows us to provide clarification for or to dig deeper with participants by asking new questions or modifying the discussion guide 'on the fly.

Meanwhile, you and the C+R CopyIQ team collaboratively observe the results from a central "dashboard" as they roll in-- complete with real-time polling analysis of closed- and open-ended questions, automated keyword coding, segment-filtering, and automated comparison views that show an at-a-glance summary of the various ideas being tested. Moderators have the ability to react, guide, and enhance the research within the live session.

Best of all, your research can be executed in as little as one session, with an immediate debrief on the day of the research, data available the next day, and a final report in less than a week. All at a lower cost than most traditional qual- or quant-only studies.

The Proof Is in the Pudding

We've helped brand managers, agency folks, and researchers confidently achieve their creative testing goals using our CopyIQ approach. See why so many of C+R's clients swear by CopyIQ to cut their creative testing budgets and timelines, while increasing the reliability and actionability of the results.

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